Friday, 13 January 2012

‘Ooh la la’ girl Vidya Balan in demand

‘The Dirty Picture’ has turned out to be a major milestone in Vidya Balan’s career as the movie has suddenly turned Vidya from mature actress to a glamorous and sexy one. Though Vidya has always been the critic’s favourite owing to her crisp performances, but she had never been considered as a hot and demanded actress for events and stage shows. However, the actress has suddenly become a much sought after actress by event organisers, who are now offering her Rs 50 to 75 lakh to perform at shows. Vidya is also being asked for performances in award shows. Apart from being approached to perform on the ‘Ooh la la’ and ‘Naaka mukka’ tracks, she’s also being offered a handsome fee, averaging to about Rs 50 lakh per event.

Talking about sudden increase in demand for Vidya’s performances, Mohammed Morani, one of the top event organisers says, “A chartbusting song and a super hit film is what is required of a star for the award functions.”

However, Morani refuses to talk about money being offered to her. Instead, he said, “Vidya is getting good money.”

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